Monday, March 24, 2014

How to configure default Time Zone by Group Policy

Today I did a try to configure the default Time zone by Group Policy. This on a Domain joined Thin client with default user logon. Because the Time zone was set wrong, communication in ConfigMgr to the client wasn't that good. Let's have a look at the possibilities.
On first try I did this one: Time Zone registry key?
Using an export of HKLM\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ TimeZoneInformation
No luck with that one! (using the regkey didn't help me)

Second try: Group Policy to set the time zone
Again no luck.. (last picture in post, using Preferences)
Did it work for you [Roel Janssens] or not?

Third try: Time Zone Configuration Group Policy adm Template
This is a Custom group policy for the domain controller where the administrator can define the Time zone of each PC using this policy.
Using the script didn't helped me either (many errors which must be resolved before usable)

Fourth try: Set time zone using GPO in windows 2008 r2
On first try it didn't work, but after using "Set a Windows Server's time zone using Group Policy" it did work after all. Just use the command (TZUTIL) from a remote share and you will be fine.

In my case: tzutil /s "W. Europe Standard Time"

Hope it helps!


  1. Thanks, works great as registry didn't work for me either...

  2. FWIW, exporting the full key from registry, and then adding the values under that key to a reg update GPO worked fine for me - servers did need a restart to take effect though. Server 2012 R2