Monday, March 3, 2014

How to force an IP-HTTPS connection on a DirectAccess client

Today Direct Access wasn't working because of IP-HTTPS malfunction. Normally I'm using the following commands when Direct Access isn't working, this because off multiple Proxy changes a week.
  • Restart "Network Location Awareness" service
  • Restart "IP Helper" service
  • "netsh dnsclient show state" (inside/outside office)
  • "netsh interface httpstunnel show interfaces" (connected/not connected)

But this time nothing seems to help. The error message (this time) were: Interface Status: IPHTTPS interface deactivated.
Lucky me I found the following blogpost: Hidden Microsoft
It mentions:  You should try using netsh to disable Teredo.

For example, if you execute the following command: "netsh interface teredo set state disable". You will in fact disable Teredo. Provided that your IP-HTTPS solution is working, the Direct Access client will then switch over to IP-HTTPS. You can verify this using the following command: "netsh interface httpstunnel show interfaces". Now, to re-enable Teredo you would use the following command: "netsh interface teredo set state default".

After that everything went fine again. Strange thing however we don't use Teredo at all, but still this can be the solution! ;)

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