Thursday, March 20, 2014

Windows Intune Roadmap - Partner Session Feb 2014

Last month I get an invite for the Windows Intune Roadmap. This remote session was for partners only, to show the User and Device Management Roadmap. No big update once or twice a year, but small monthly updates to bring Intune on-speed sooner. Let's have a look at new features which are coming in next months.

Above features are implemented already. With Richer cloud-only MDM capabilities, Microsoft wants same functionality in Windows Intune standalone as hybrid configuration (for example: Android support, email profile configuration and selective wipe). No need to integrate with ConfigMgr 2012 R2 that way for these features.

Even more features will be available in the next coming months. Windows Intune will be more advanced and mature that way. At the moment it feels sometimes if functionality is missing. That will be improved when above roadmap is functional. Hope that Intune will be competitive with other MDM solutions soon.

No System Center and Intune fusion [yet] for it seems! :)

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