Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hash could not be matched for the downloaded content during OS deployment

Today I had a strange issue when deploying a Windows 7 Capture image to a fat client. With every deployment there was a hash mismatch during the "Apply Operating System" step. In a normal situation this can be resolved easily by updating the distribution point. In my case however this was not the solution. Removing the OS image from ConfigMgr and add it again (so a new Package ID is created) was not the solution also.

Still a hash mismatch, with the following errors:
-Failed to hash file, Win32 error = 23
-Hash could not be matched for the downloaded content. Original ContentHash = <hash>, Downloaded ContentHash = <empty>
-The hash value is not correct 0x80091007

The solution for this is as follows:
Select "Apply Operating System" in the Task Sequence Editor and open the Options tab. Check "Access content directly from the distribution point".

Right-click the reference image package in Operating System Images and open the Properties dialog. Configure the Package share settings on the Data Access tab. Check "Copy the content in this package to a package share on distribution points".

After that OS deployment was running fine again. No hash mismatch anymore! Still strange that updating the distribution point was not helping me this time.


  1. Very good! Thanks Henk!

  2. Hey Henk,

    Excellent solution for a very weird problem that occured for no apparent reason.

    Thanks, Roel

  3. Keep in mind this will take up double the space on your Distribution Point as it will create a share with your WIM on it and apply directly to workstation from there.

    Still a good solution as not only does it improve reliability preventing the hash error, but I have also seen it reduce the time it takes to apply OS.

  4. This info is still very valid!! Thank you Henk!! You rock!!
    Ran into this issue Server 2016, SCCM CB, Dell Opti 780 imaging. this only happened on my 780's and was able to fix them by applying Henks suggestions.

  5. It does not work in a zone-applied network with firewalls that only allows http/https. SMB shares require additional openings that can be considered less secure.

  6. I have the same issue on a single system, but its for the MDT package download, so I do not have the option above!