Monday, April 28, 2014

How to upgrade Windows Phone 8.0 to Windows Phone 8.1 Preview

Since April 14 it's possible to upgrade Windows Phone 8.0 to Windows Phone Preview. In my case I want to do this on a Samsung ATIV S, which I'm using for over a year now. Windows Phone 8.0 is still working great, but I like to see new features in Windows Phone Preview also. Let's have a look.

Prerequisites are download the app (Preview for Developers) and register as a developer to use a "developer unlocked" phone. This can be done with payment (publish apps in the MS Store) of free usage (create apps to use on your own phone). In my case I'm using the free register. Just create a Empty App and you will be fine.

Register as a Windows Phone Developer – $19 USD, and publish apps in the Store
Register as a developer with App Studio – Free, and create apps to run on your own Windows Phones
Download the developer tools to register and "developer unlock" your phone

If you meet the prerequisites above, download the Windows Phone Preview for Developers app.

During the Windows Phone Preview installation the device will be installing 3 updates, with a reboot after every update. There will be multiple versions used after each update. In my case they were as follows:
-Microsoft Update 8.0.10521.155 (small update)
-Microsoft Update 8.0.10532.166 (big update)
-Microsoft Update 8.10.12359.845 (big update)

After almost 2 hours waiting all updates were installed. None off my files, apps or settings were lost. I'm happy with the new OS and functionality. Why wait? Just install the new killer OS :)

Experiences so far:
-Battery drain solved by soft reboot. Still using more battery then before, but way better then before the reboot. Reviews mentions that it will take a few days before battery behaves as normal.
-New features: Live Tiles, Agenda, Action Center, Battery Saver, Data Sense, Background on start screen, More apps on start screen, Big photo on screen when calling, are all great. No Cortana can be used because I'm living outsite of United States (pity).
-Strange thing is however I cannot share blogposts to Twitter and Facebook anymore? Miss that one most! Also camera is taken photos with Flash while disabled in photo settings!? Oops! When using Bing Music or Vision the device reboots. Who cares?
-Overall experience is great. Still love the device and Windows Phone. Next time it will be Nokia instead of Samsung, that's all :)

Update (1):
Battery behaves as normal after a few days. I can do 24-30 hours on a full battery load again. Another great thing is Notifications + Actions in Settings. You can decide notification banners, notification sound and vibrate per app now! No annoying vibrations on WhatsApp anymore when having 100 incoming messages a day, just turn it off for a single app. Furthermore I love the new start screen with way more Live Tiles them before. When using swiping for keyboard you can create messages way faster then typing it. Do I need to tell more? Just install the update! :) For questions use comments.


  1. Like already said through twitter to you disable IE in the battery app will save a lot of battery usage. I personally disabled also facebook which also saves again some battery drainage.

    1. Hi, thanks for mentioning. Pity enough I can't do anything on IE in the battery app. Maybe that depends per device?

  2. Did you experience blue screen after upgrading to wp8.1

    1. Hi Dina, no I didn't have a blue screen after the upgrade. Just great isn't it? No problems at all..

  3. In my case I'm using the free register. Just create a Empty App and you will be spy software

  4. What happens if I stay in Microsoft Update 8.0.10532.166?, I have Nokia Lumia 625 and I'm afraid it doesn't work. With that update is enough? I mean, if I stay in that update, do i get a good performance? Or I necesary have to chance to the last update?

  5. Great info. I have a Lumia 625 and it works nice. Smooth :) I have made the whats app download on Windows Phone and it works great, like line and other apps.