Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Software Updates not deploying at endpoints

Note to myself: when software updates are downloaded in CCMCache, but not installed afterwards, have a look at this (short) blogpost.

When the message "No current service window available to run updates assignment with time required = 1" is displayed in Updatesdeployment.log and/or "Past due - will be installed" within Software Center, just look no further. This is definitely a conflict between the software update deadline and a maintenance window configured on the collection. After changing the behavior of software updates or the service window, all will be fine after all.

Another day, another challenge!

Source: System Center Central

Update: In the end it was a boundary issue after all. No service window was found on collections, but it can be the issue also.


  1. Check this blog post :-)
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  2. After read blog topic’s related post now I feel my research is almost completed. happy to see that.Thanks to share this brilliant matter..

  3. Hello, in my case the updates are been installed but won't restart, what can be?

  4. Hi, we are experiencing similar issue and none of our collection has any maintenance windows set up. Could you please elaborate what was wrong with your boundary and what you did to fix it? Thanks sooo much in advance

    1. The clients mentioned were out of boundary range. Just have a good look at boundaries and groups for that.

    2. Boundary is also good and system is there. It is getting all application deployed and can install those as well but unable to see updates.