Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Download a FREE full version of the SNMP Device Simulator (today)

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Last week I was mentioning you can download a FREE full version of the SNMP Device Simulator on October, 15th. This because off the Xian 10th year anniversary from Jalasoft! Today you can download the product finally! Just download the trial from their website so that they can send you a permanent license. Let's have a look: 
Because the form is not clear on this point, i will mention the steps needed to get the permanent license for free. Otherwise you still need to buy a license on the product ;)

1. Download the SNMP Device Simulator from: Jalasoft. Select the option “Free Download” and a Download form displays.
2. In the download form make sure to complete all the required fields. This form is the confirmation that we require to validate that you downloaded our software on our promotion day. We’ll consider users in different time zones so do not worry if you are in Europe or Asia, just get your download.
3. You’ll receive a confirmation email similar to the one below from Click the “Download now” link for our software.
4. Send an email to with information on your MAC address so that we can deliver your permanent license. The file should be in CVS format. To obtain your MAC address we have detailed instructions in our site: Go to Jalasoft again.
5. In step 2, click on “here” and the License request screen displays. 
6. Follow the License request instructions, click “OK” and the license will be sent to the Jalasoft team. (This instruction is in our confirmation email in the section “All we need from your side in order to send your Permanent License, is the MAC Address of the machine where the SNMP Device Simulator will be installed. You can review the document on how to retrieve the MAC Address file
If you encounter any problems, contact or 1-888-402-6717, as long as we have your download registration we’ll be able to honor your request. Thanks!
After that you will have a FREE full version of the SNMP Device Simulator. Thanks Jalasoft for this possibility!

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