Friday, October 24, 2014

Windows 10 Technical Preview updated with 7,000 changes and fixes

Yesterday I updated my Windows 10 Technical Preview installation. In the update are 7,000 changes and fixes, so quite a lot! Let's have a look. When you're already running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Windows Update will take care of downloading and installing the update automatically, depending on your download settings. Because I didn't want to wait for that, go to the "Update and recovery" section in PC settings and select Preview builds.

In my case it took al long time downloading and installing the update! A reboot is needed after installing to finalize the update. After that Windows 10 Technical Preview is updated to the new version, which is 6.4.9860. One of the new features is the Action Center (known from Windows Phone 8.1). Other new features include the ability to move apps easily from one monitor to another, and animations for switching desktops. The advise however is still to not install Windows 10 Technical Preview on your primary machine. Just run it in a virtual machine or dual boot situation instead.

Microsoft stated: Most of the changes in this build will be invisible to you, but we’ve made nearly 7,000 improvements and fixes to the product between 9841 and 9860. Many of those fixes were based on problem reports that you submitted in the Community forum or through the Windows Feedback app. Thanks! We also have a few visible changes that you’ll notice.
Microsoft has received over 250.000 pieces of feedback so far.

Very good if you ask me! The consumer is partly involved this way.
Can't wait for the final release! Great OS :-)

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