Friday, May 29, 2015

Doing a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 upgrade (Notes from the field)

Last week I did a lot of ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 upgrades already. I did 5 upgrades on different environments, resulting in different behavior. Let's have a look at that. Before you begin just make sure you have a good backup! Most of time I start with a ConfigMgr backup and snapshot of ConfigMgr and SQL VM's. Better safe then sorry :-)

Then start the SP2 media (still confusing) to implement SP1 in your environment. It will be finished in around 30-45 minutes. The crazy part is starting after that. ConfigMgr isn't done with the upgrade, but running tasks in the background. Strange enough it's hard to see what's the status of that, and sometime it's stuck too and a reboot is needed. Let's have a look again.

When the upgrade wizard is finished and you start the ConfigMgr console, have a look at Site & System status. The MP will be down for almost one hour. When looking at Software Library the ConfigMgr client package and boot images are not updated yet. Because of that OS deployment isn't possible too. Sometimes it will be started automatically within one hour, sometimes a reboot is needed to start processing again. A nasty situation for sure.
Installation progress in short: 

Installation done in the wizard
Installation done in the logfile 
Installation is done, but a lot of components still needs to be updated:
-Monitoring components installation
-Monitoring server roles installation
-Setting up management point
-Installing services
-Installing Component Monitor
-Installing SMS Executive
-Installing Database Notification Monitor
-Installing Site Control Manager
-Installing Hierarchy Manager
-Installing Inbox Manager
-Installing policy provider
-Installing management point control manager

Management point in critical state
SMS Replication Configuration Monitor stops
SMS Site Component Manager degraded
Site Component Manager stopping
Site Component Manager shut down
The Management point is in critical state, because it must be installed again. No communication possible for almost one hour. The SMS Site Component Manager is degraded, because most of Site components needs to be installed again. When installation is stuck, it may help to reboot the Primary server. (not recommended, just wait first)
When looking at Component Status, they will be gone (66 items) because communication is down. Big oops moment :-)

SMS MP Control Manager back online
Site Components back online
As I sayed earlier, it can take on hour before the Management point is healthy again and Site Components are back in business. It may help to reboot the Primary server once, when there's no progress seen (recommended only when nothing changed after one hour). After the reboot you will see that functionality is restored soon! When looking at Software Library the ConfigMgr client package and boot images will be updated now. Still it's a nasty upgrade, because you think it's done in 30-45 minutes, and not one hour after that. Strange enough it's hard to see what's the status of that, and sometimes it's stuck too and a reboot is needed.

Why not mention in the wizard, installation is not finished and will take another hour? Or count another hour on the wizard and finish it in 60-90 minutes, instead of running tasks in the background? I guess this can be better with another release in future. Hope it helps!

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Update: More status pictures will be added soon!


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  2. Two years later and nothing has changed! Still only the core setup show progress, hen everything else continues in the background. If you keep the wizard open, the remaining steps will turn green at some point, but that can actually take ages. Really disappointed with MS here...