Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Windows 10 will be 'the last version of Windows' ever (or not)

On Microsoft Ignite in Chicago last month, people mentioned that Windows 10 will be 'the last version of Windows' for now. There will be no new version of Windows anymore in future, but instead of that Microsoft will constantly update the product with new features and security updates. Therefore Microsoft is calling it 'Windows as a service' from now on. This is no new version of Windows, this is a new generation of Windows! Their could be a Windows 11 or 12 release somewhere in future, but Microsoft may rename it to 'Windows' as well, so the version number is not that important anymore.

No Windows 9 because of multiple reasons..

Windows as a service
The Windows 10 upgrade path is limited to Windows 7 operating systems and later, so no luck for XP and Vista users here. It will be 'free for personal use', because Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.x operating systems, when upgrade within a year of its release. If customers have to pay after a year usage is not known at the moment. Expect some kind of subscription somewhere in future (but probably after a year). Because that's what 'Windows as a service' is all about, paying for new features and security updates, to optimize you operating system constantly.

Windows Update for Business
For business there's no free upgrade possible, but there are important changes to mention on software updates. Microsoft will end 'Patch Tuesday' in nearby future, because updates will be available as soon they are released, making operating systems more secure. Updates will be released in 'rings', given the choice between faster or regular update scenario's. This feature is called 'Windows Update for Business' and it will be free for both Windows Pro and Enterprise devices. You can still use programs like WSUS or SCCM, but as soon as you stay behind on updates, you're missing new features too!

Latest Windows 10 media
At every feature update, new Windows 10 media get's available with new functionality and security updates in it. Expect new media at least once a year! Therefore it's not necessary anymore to build an image with around 200 updates in it, like on Windows 7. Just use the 'latest Windows 10 media' and deploy that one to systems. Therefore Microsoft is mentioning imaging (building images and keep them up-to-date) will be less easier that way. When using SCCM or Intune, the operating system can be changed when needed. Building images with components and updates integrated is history for it seems!

Same look-and-feel on different devices

One Windows, One Store
Another thing to mention is using the same operating system on multiple devices. When having a high-end Windows Phone, you can make usage of 'Continuum' using the phone as your personal computer. The experience will be same on different types of devices, from small to large, it will be same! Expect a release this summer already. Windows 10 will not be final then, but it will never because of the updates coming constantly. Releases for Windows Phone, Xbox One and Thin Client (Kiosk devices) will be available later. It will be the same operating system, but with additional software running on it.

New features and strategy
With features like 'Azure Active Directory' join and 'Cortana' integrated in Windows 10, Windows Phone, Microsoft Band and even more systems, it will be the best Microsoft operating system ever. Just start thinking about a implementing strategy for Azure AD, Windows 10, System Center Configuration Manager 2016 integrated with Microsoft Intune (Hybrid) to manage Windows 10 the best way possible. Microsoft has done an excellent job with Windows 10!

Microsoft is the productivity and platform company that will thrive in the mobile-first, cloud-first world. I'm very excited about it :-)

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  1. Considering the fact that after windows xp, the only windows survived is windows 7. After the failure of windows 8 and 8.1 (it's a failure in my view) if windows 10 survives then we should expect the next windows after 4 to 5 years.

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  4. I want to switch out my hard drive and have a clean installation of Windows 10, Windows 8.1 upgrade still is not working right and I don't know if I have to have it in the hard drive where I install Windows 10.