Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Microsoft Ignite day 2 (Session) recap

Day 2 I did a few sessions on Windows 10, listening to great speakers like Michael Niehaus and Mark Minasi. Besides of that there is much to do on networking, expo hall, tech labs, blogging and all things else. There is a big difference with Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) however, because less focus on ConfigMgr. There is not even a booth on ConfigMgr available. It's all about the cloud I guess.

Starting early again today I heard a few interesting features, like:
-Windows 10 will be fully Azure Active Directory (AAD) aware
-MDT 2013 Update 1 Preview is needed for Windows 10 deployment
-Business Store: merged stores of Windows, Phone and Xbox together
-Business Store does licensing tracking for licensed apps
-Windows 10: no more flatten-and-reimage, it's upgrade and refresh
-Migrate to IE11 on Windows 7 before upgrade to Windows 10
-The Windows footprint is reduced, saves multiple GB's on systems
-Insiders will get new versions and updates, even after RTM

Yesterday there was an interesting session about New and Upcoming features in Microsoft Intune and ConfigMgr. Let's have a look at it:

Overview: Windows 10 Management with ConfigMgr and Intune
-ConfigMgr Technical Preview released on may 4th
-ConfigMgr Generally Available on Q4 CY2015
-ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 and R2 SP1 release on may 14th
-Microsoft Intune service update on may 4th (app compatibility and management of new Windows 10 features via custom policies with incremental updates to deliver full support)
Improvements in ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 and 2012 R2 SP1:
-Faster virtual app (App-V) publishing at first logon for non-persistent VDI environments
-Increased hierarchy and primary standalone site scale
-Improved scale and performance for pull distribution points (DP)
-Hybrid parity features for ConfigMgr integrated with Microsoft Intune
-Improved data transfer reliability for slow and latent networks
-Full compatibility with existing features for Windows 10
-Native support for SQL Server 2014

And much, much more...

What’s new in the ConfigMgr Technical Preview:
-Full compatibility with existing features for Windows 10
-Support for Windows in-place upgrade

-First iteration of new hybrid option to manage Windows 10 devices via MDM with on-premises infrastructure
-Client deployment upgrade status monitoring added in admin console
-Support for running ConfigMgr in Azure Virtual Machines

And much, much more...
My next post will be about new features in Microsoft Intune. Expect more blogposts about Microsoft Ignite soon!

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