Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Henk's blog statistics (part 3)

Almost two years ago I posted statistics on my blog. Because it's nice to have some statistics, and posting blogs for over 5 years now, let's do it again. This because the amount of visitors and pageviews is still increasing. Hope you like my posts on Microsoft Configuration Manager, Intune and other topics. Here we go!

Google Blogger:
First post: 13 October 2010
Number of posts: 573 (included this one)
Posts a year: 118 (2015) 20 (2016) > and growing

Most viewed (2): PXE Boot files in RemoteInstall folder explained
Most comments:
Downgrading Windows 7 or 8.x from Enterprise to Pro
Most likes (+1):
How to boot a Hyper-V Virtual Machine from a PXE server

Pageviews a day: ± 2.000 - 2.500
Pageviews last month: ± 56.000
Pageviews all time: ± 1.5 million

13.500 visitors in less then 9 days, makes 1.500 visitors a day exactly (but total amount is higher)

Google Analytics:
Visitors a day: ± 1.500 - 1.600
Visitors last month: ± 28.000
Visitors last year: ± 226.000

Most search keywords: system center 2012
Most traffic sources:
Most audience: United States

When comparing to my post last years, numbers are doubled. I think 1.5 million pageviews is really great :-)

Google Analytics: last year

Blogpost: Statistics 2014 and 2013
Sources for statistics: Analytics & ClustrMaps

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