Thursday, March 24, 2016

No inventoried software found in Asset Intelligence

When looking in Asset Intelligence - Inventoried Software, by default there is no software found. It will display "No items found" in most environments. When you want to have all software collected here, specific configuration is needed. This must be done on the Hardware Inventory part, because software is collected by WMI these days.

Trick is, the default setting in Hardware Inventory on the necessary classes is not activated. The class you need for installed applications is named InstalledSoftware and for executables InstalledExecutable. Just open Default Client Settings (or Custom Settings when there is another policy created for clients), select Hardware Inventory, Set Classes, and select both classes here.

Furthermore there is a change needed on the Asset Intelligence part. Rightclick on Asset Intelligence (Assets and Compliance) for that, select Edit Inventory Classes, and select both classes again.

And yes, there will be a warning mentioning this will be increasing computer resources during Hardware Inventory :-)

When the clients get the client policy changes, software will be found en displayed in the ConfigMgr console.

Very handy if you ask me!


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