Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Upgrade ConfigMgr Current Branch to build 1602 (installation steps)

In an earlier blogpost I wrote about the prerequisite check. It can be found HERE. This time I will show the installation steps. It's really easy, so just run "Install Update Pack" and be amazed :-)

The following screens will be shown:

General information

Select Features

Client update options

And a few other screens which are less important to show (License Terms, Summary, Completion).

During installation progress is shown in CMUpdate.log (within the ConfigMgr\Logs folder).

When installation is finished you get a message that the ConfigMgr console needs to be closed (when opened) for update reasons. The installation is almost done now.

The upgrade is finished soon, and the console will be opened automatically again. Check Sitecomp.log (within the ConfigMgr\Logs folder again) for more information.

Just great to install future ConfigMgr updates this way! By far the easiest upgrade ever :-)

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