Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950 experience after 9 months (pro's and cons)

Since December last year I'm using a Microsoft Lumia 950 as my primary phone. Since start I experienced many bugs, with lot's of unexpected reboots, overheating and all kind of nasty issues. With later builds this was getting better, but still I experience lot's of bugs. Where Windows Phone 8.1 (Samsung Ativ S) did perform excellent for many years, Windows 10 Mobile still isn't at some points. Let's have a look at my experiences so far.

-Real Microsoft phone :-)
-Windows 10 Operating System
-Resolution (2560x1440, 564 ppi)
-Lot's of updates (with Insider builds)
-20 MP Camera (good quality)
-Windows Hello (when working)
-Gorilla Glass (no scratches)
-Battery (enough for one day)
-Fast charging (Superb!)
-Glance screen (very useful)

-Continuum (less features then expected)
-Unexpected reboots (cannot count them anymore)
-Camera button not working (very annoying, reboot needed)
-Camera reacts very slow sometimes (reboot needed)
-Camera app not working (error message, reboot needed)
-Lock screen black with red light only (happens sometimes)
-Incoming call cannot answer (very annoying, reboot needed)
-Store or other apps not working (error message, reboot needed)
-Windows Hello active during the night (very annoying, happens rarely)
-Photo saved as white image (guess this is a Micro SD problem?)
-Photo (un)zoom crash (happens almost all the time, no fix found)
-Bad photos in dark environments (guess because of camera)
-Less apps available then expected (very bad and not as promised)
-Pointer on screen not accurate (during games, happens a lot)

Note: On every location which says [reboot needed], the issue is (temporarily) solved, but not gone completely.

As you can see I experience more cons then pro's after heavy usage and many updates. This because I'm using camera and photo app a lot, and both are (still) not stable. Besides of that I ordered the Lumia 950 for Windows Hello and Continuum, where both I'm not using. Windows Hello is to slow for me, and doesn't recognize me sometimes. Continuum is not as expected, with less supported apps available, and not a full PC environment as promised on start. No possibility to open apps twice either.

Windows 10 Mobile (even on 1607) is not stable all the time, where apps (even Camera and Store) can crash, the lock screen can crash, and incoming calls can crash too. The Windows store isn't updated with iOS and/or Android apps as promised earlier. Therefore I thinking about switching my device to another platform now. Guess the Lumia 950 will be my secondary phone from now on, which is pity because Microsoft could have a winner here!

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  1. I have the Lumia 950 too and can agree that the performance is much less than I was expecting for a premium priced phone with those specifications.

    Delivered in February 2016 it was probably mostly stable until the quick succession of official updates that occurred in late spring through August. (the worst offender being the second update which basically broke the phone.)

    Since then it has been so unstable I am unable to trust it at all. I certainly cannot trust it as an alarm clock for my frequent business trips away from home and now set an alarm on my android tab.

    Worst piece of tech I have ever owned. Ever.